" Setting A Higher Standard "

Upland Homes, Inc. a division of M.E. GoseInc. was created to serve those who wish to build a high quality home at an affordable price. Instead of starting from scratch to create your home, we have established many different floor plans and elevations to choose from. Each plan and elevation can be customized to suite your needs. After 30+ years of building upscale luxury homes through M.E. Gose, Inc. our pride, heritage, and passion remains constant in the Florida community.

We believe in the American Dream. So, no matter what plot of land or neighborhood you choose we want to be there for you in every way that we can. You can view our latest floorplan by clicking on the elevation below!

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We don't just build homes we build trust.

You can put confidence in our construction expertise and architectural ingenuity. You can remain worry free as your new home is built from the ground up. Don't settle for a used home. Put your money into a home you can trust to be beautiful and strong for years to come. We value your trust and in return we give our enduring commitment to your gratification.

Upland Homes is driven with a passion for home building!

It is our enthusiasm for home building that seperates us from the rest. It is our hope that we can truly display our sense of devotion for every client of ours to see and feel. From startup to completion our aim is to build your family a home possesing the qualities of both grace and fortitude. We are eager to discuss the endless possibilites Upland Homes can provide for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us and get started with your future today!