Home Construction

The "Upland Difference" is ultimately about the way we build your home. Obviously every project requires specific tailoring, but we never sacrafice our standards. When building all of our homes our goal is always the same to go above and beyond ensuring that we meet the ever improving code requirements and construct in a systematic and sensible fashion for your safety, enjoyability, and the longevity of your new home. Always feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our building methods.


The first thing you should know is that at Upland Homes we build all of our floor planned homes with CBS concrete block structure.

This is a great advantage over homes that are built with an engineered wood frame. To put it simple the big bad wolf can't just huff and puff and blow your Upland built home down! Here's why:

  • Design Flexibility:
    Concrete block is an extremely flexible building material. Building with concrete block means you have the flexibility to do just about anything you want. Regardless of whether it be a one story home or a three story home with such options as columns, arches, high ceilings and tall windows. Concrete block provides the needed flexibility for every type of job.
  • Durability:
    "Beauty That Lasts". Concrete is one of the most durable materials on Earth. Here in Florida, concrete block is unquestionably the most practical home building material. There's no rotting or wall warping. No extensive maintenance or upkeep requirements. Your home retains it curb appeal and its value – beautifully.
  • Energy Efficiency:
    Attractive Energy Savings- Concrete block homes are more energy efficient than wood homes, especially in Florida's hot, humid, sun baked climate. That's because the mass factor of block acts as a reservoir to trap and store heat from the sun, so that interiors stay cooler longer. The Florida Energy Code recognizes the value of mass by requiring much less insulation for block walls than for wood frame walls. Another point: air infiltration from "wall leaks" is estimated to cause up to 39% of home energy loss. Concrete block walls, which are more airtight than wood frame walls, seal in air conditioned air far better – while keeping out hot, humid air.
  • Fire Resistance:
    You Won't Get Burned with Concrete Block. Concrete block is a non-combustible material. Your family and possessions are safer in a block home and your fire insurance rates will be much lower too. In addition, concrete block significantly reduces unwanted noise pollution.
  • Termite Resistance:
    Concrete Block terminates Problems. Florida may be the most termite-infested state in the nation. Wood frame homes are tasty targets for these destructive insects, but not block homes. What's more, block homes are virtually immune to dry rot, one of the major causes of exterior maintenance in Florida.
  • Weather & Storm Resistance:
    It is a Beautiful Choice for ugly weather. After a hurricane passes, weather resistance may be the most important benefit to a home buyer nowadays. In a concrete block home you and your family will enjoy increased safety and peace of mind during dangerous weather. At the same time, your insurance rates will be lower, which can add up to considerable savings here in Florida. Moreover, unlike wood, block does not deteriorate in any way, further protecting the value of your investment.
  • source: concreteblockhomes.com

Energy Efficiency & Safety

Our homes are built to be as comfortable, durable, combustion safe and energy efficient as possible within your budget. Here's how:

  • • Lighted, covered entry ways
  • • Blown fiberglass insulation in ceilings of living area, R-30 standard, Batt Insulation if vaulted ceiling
  • • R4.2 Exterior wall insulation
  • • Energy efficient air condition system
  • • Digital thermostats
  • • Upgraded #12 sized electrical wiring, #14 is code
  • • 200 Amp Electrical Service
  • • All windows and doors to be caulked in, for no air/ water leakage
  • • GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt) outlets on exterior and in bathrooms/kitchen
  • • 50 or 65 gallon water heater depending on plan and garden tub
  • • Exterior doors with weather stripping where applicable
  • • Insulated Aluminum Windows
  • • Smoke detectors per current building code in each room
  • • Roof ridge ventilation system
  • • CPVC plumbing lines, no copper

Our Warranty

Our home warranty gives you piece of mind.

You're covered in the unlikely case of workmanship, materials, system, and major structural defects for one year after the completion of your new home.

By choosing Upland Homes you've found a builder you can trust.

We know what it takes to build a fine quality home of superior craftsmanship...from the foundation to the rooftop. We take pride in creating long lasting relationships with our clients. It is as important to us as the quality that goes into building their homes. The purchase of an exquisite new home may possibly be the largest investment you can make. You want to entrust your precious investment to a high caliber builder. You can have confidence in knowing that by choosing Upland Homes you've selected a builder who can get the job done.

We don't just build homes we build trust.

You can put confidence in our construction expertise and architectural ingenuity. You can remain worry free as your new home is built from the ground up. Don't settle for a used home. Put your money into a home you can trust to be beautiful and strong for years to come. We value your trust and in return we give our enduring commitment to your gratification.

Upland Homes is driven with a passion for home building!

It is our enthusiasm for home building that seperates us from the rest. It is our hope that we can truly display our sense of devotion for every client of ours to see and feel. From startup to completion our aim is to build your family a home possesing the qualities of both grace and fortitude. We are eager to discuss the endless possibilites Upland Homes can provide for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us and get started with your future today!